Let your ASSETS talk about your...

  • Traceability
  • Use
  • Profitability
  • Location
  • Responsible

LeSIGA is a new language, created by a highly specialized and interdisciplinary team, which is established as common so that all levels of a company in which it is applied, can create knowledge and give knowledge that facilitates learning, research, explaining, making predictions, making decisions, act and improve in such a way that the Company can increase the chances of productivity and profitability of its business based on efficient and effective management of its assets, through a compendium of physical and virtual tools, integrated in a systemic manner and constantly evolving.


Our promise of integral value makes our solutions LeSIGA Assets and LeSIGA Community allow them to optimize the income of the organizations' assets, through the use of the data as intelligent information. (Independent of Industry)


A productive community designed and developed for organizations in constant growth and optimization of time and resources, based on the exchange of information of interest in relation to their teams, requirements, needs of learning from others experiences, in terms of management of its assets and all this through the exchange of knowledge, the community provides a space to share information, photos, videos, events, among many other things.


In the store you will find a great catalog of products related to reading devices (Optical / Virtual / Electronics) according to the line of your interest, Buy directly and we will take it to your organization.


Energy Industry

The solution to optimize the use of the Administrative tools in Asset Management and Inventory Control

Manufacturing Industry

Work towards the operational continuity of the manufacturing process by optimizing the maintenance plan for your assets

Health Industry

Comply with the legal requirements of the supervisory bodies in relation to the management of their Assets.

Construction Industry

Know where your assets are and with whom.

Tourism Industry

Increase the quality of your service based on the control of your assets.


No matter the size of your organization, we know the potential for growth and we support management with the control of your assets.

Financial Industry

Organization of the Assets of the different Financial Entities


Maintain the level of competence of your infrastructure for the student population.

Transport Industry

Control not only your assets but those of your customers.


Give your ASSETS the importance they deserve and they will reward you by telling you the true VALUE they have for your organization. LeSIGA is your solution!